Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College Marbel, Inc. welcomes all enrolles regardless of nationality, religious beliefs, political affiliation and cultural orientation.

Rules of Registration

The enrollment or registration of a student in any program of the College shall be held during registration days as indicated in the approved school calendar. It shall be conducted in accordance with pertinent procedures of the College or program, and is subject to the rules as follows.

1. The enrollment or registration is for the entire term or semester.
2. A student may enroll after the lapse of the registration period specified in the approved school calendar, and be admitted provided that proof/s for enrollment delay is shown such as but not limited to medical certificate, travel order, and official business order from superiors, but in no case shall exceed two (2) weeks after the opening of classes. Thereafter, no enrollment shall be allowed.
3. No student shall be accepted for enrollment unless he presents the proper school credentials on or before the end of the enrollment period for the school semester.
4. A student is deemed officially enrolled after he has submitted his appropriate admission or transfer credentials; made an initial if not full- payment of his tuition and other fees; given the copy of the subjects officially enrolled and allowed to attend classes by the subject professors.
5. For the purpose of enrollment, the name and other personal data or circumstances of each student is indicated in his birth certificate, where applicable shall prevail.